Retenton Dept

I was told there is No Retention Dept., but this suggest otherwise.  I have been a Verizon customer longer than there has been a Verizon. Even back when there were only dial up modems. I called today to make changes in my plan, increasing my internet speed and reducing the TV lineup. I was given a price that is double what is advertised on the website. I was told that was only for NEW CUSTOMERS. it did not include the equipment rental or all the taxes and hidden fees. I inquired about both the 100 and 150 MBPS plans, and was told both were $150.11 per month for everything. I then inquired about the Gigabit plan and was told $160.11 per mo. plus $99 one time service to replace some wires. After some other questions I decided to renew with the Action and Entertainment plan and the 150 MBPS plan as I didn't want to pay the $99. Then I was told I had to pay the service fee regardless. I will not pay extra to get basically the same service I already have, so I declined.

I called Cox and got a quote (which includes no extra wiring and uses what I have or is replaced at no charge). I am waiting on a quote from DirecTV. I have been happy with Verizon, and I understand that sales people's job is to sell, and I am not looking to change providers for the hell of it. But I will not be held hostage for a made up service charge. If anyone is reading this and can offer some help, I will hold off switching for a couple days. Call me ASAP.

Re: Retenton Dept

Well I am not going to call you. This is a customer helping customer forum.

its true that new customer pricing is lower. It’s an inducement to get you. Most customers will not bother switching after wiring and other things are already in place.

the problem here is you can still keep Fios just ditch tv and you knock off most of the charges you pay. Go internet only for say $60-$70 you pay no more taxes or surcharges or sports fees or administrative fees to Verizon. So you save big money.

with internet only if you purchase a Roku or Google chrome or Amazon fire stick, around $30-$50 depending on device, one time expenditure you can then get streaming tv services like Hulu TV (high price) or DirectTVNOW (I use it for $40 165 stations), or VUE for $40, or Sling TV for $25 monthly. There are no taxes or anything and it can be paid via your credit or debit card and cancel anytime without charges.

my wife and I had cable at 15/1 with tv, it over the years went from $70 up to $192 a month and I said enough is enough. Went internet only at $29.99 no taxes or surcharges and bought a Roku for $25 and got DirectTVNOW at $35 a month so monthly costs were $65 complete. So take that $192-$65 gives a monthly savings of $127 and my Roku was paid off in just the first months savings.

multiply that $127x12 and you can sit back and relax. Even with internet only and streaming tv you can lower the internet speed with Fios to save more money and you will be glad you did.