Retired Vateran on fixed income asked for lowest prices and lied to.

When I signed up for service, I informed Verizon I am a Retired Veteran on fixed income and I needed the lowest price service available. They gave me a plan and stated it was the lowest price with a few low add-ons. After months of service, the bill is adding up, $151/Mo. I owe a bill and I will pay it. But then I checked on the Internet and found that the FCC has the providers provide a service with only local channels with government and educational channels for under $30/Mo. When I contacted Verizon, I am informed that there is a service, 'TV Locals + 50/25 Internet for $50/Mo. Now knowing that I was lied to so they can make $100/Mo more is a RIP-OFF. I asked for one service and they lied and gave me something else to pocket $100/Mo more. Do they know what LOWEST service means? Is this how Verizon treats their customers? Ripping them off as long as they can? Is this how they treat people on fixed income? Why can't Verizon be honest and provide what the customer wants? Maybe they should change their term 'Customer Service' to 'Customer Rip-Off'. And YES, I am angry. Is it the customer responsibility to investigate to see if Customer Service is ripping them off?

I will be looking to locate Corporae Office Complaint Department to see if they even feel they are at partial fault for the debt adding up.

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