Retrieving Bills from closed account

I have been trying for MONTHS (yes really, MONTHS!) to get copies of my bills from 2015. I have called repeatedly, and if I am lucky enough to get through the initial menu I end up getting hung up on or told that I cannot be helped because I have to call Frontier, but usually I cannot get past the very first part of the menu that tells me to call Frontier because I live in Florida and it hangs up on me.

I did go ahead and call Frontier at one point and they could not help because I never had an account with them. So then I call Verizon back and its just running in circles getting no where!

I was never a Frontier account holder. My account opened and closed as a Verizon account. I did get one "chat" representative to unlock my old online account to access my bills that way but it says error and will not pull up any bills.