Return of Equipment

I recently moved to a new address and brought my Verizon FIOS with me.  I was so excited that FIOS was going to be available in my new home also.  I figured this would be a simple process and for the most part it was.  Except for the constant phone calls during my lunch time at work and the constant emails telling me about how they sent me the return boxes to return my old equipment and that I needed to send my old equipment back or I was going to be charged.  First off, the paperwork clearly states that you have 30 days from the date of disconnect at the old address to return the equipment.  It has been 2 weeks since that date.  The emails started immediately (daily) and the phone calls started last week.  They tell you that you have to bring the package to a UPS store (you can't have the installation person return them for you).  I don't drive so everything I do is by public transportation.  The nearest UPS store is a 30 minute bus ride away and that doesn't include all of the walking.  The hours of operation for this UPS store are the hours that I am at work (or travelling home - 1 hour via bus), so there was no way that I could do it Monday through Friday.  You could always have UPS come and pick up the package I suppose if you want to pay nearly $10 for that service.   This constant harrassment by Verizon is seriously making me want to tell them where to stick their services and equipment and switch back to Time Warner Cable, which is cheaper for the same services that I currently receive.  I am all about reminders, and I don't mind them in the least, but not until it is about a week out from the due date.  Anything sooner than that is just harrassing, especially when it is every single business day during my only lunch break at work.  

As a side note, I was able to get to the UPS store on Saturday and got my receipt telling me it would be shipped.  I went onto the the UPS website and checked the status of my package and it is at the local UPS facility awaiting a truck or plane or whatever to take it from NY to PA.