Returned Equipment-- CANNOT get rid of this charge!
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Back in September, I cancelled Verizon. I requested boxes, they were given to me at my home, I packed up all the equipment (because why would anyone want to keep any of it??) and had UPS collect it right from my home.

Over a month later, a bill shows up for $454.08. Unreturned equipment. 

Now, I did adult fail and not keep any of the verizon papers I pulled the return tags off of-- but they have their own tracking number that shows it was picked up (as the UPS guy scanned it right in front of me). So I know, that they know, it was picked up.

I contested this, and before it could be cleared up-- they had already passed it on to CBE collections. Their answer? Write a letter contesting the charge. Well, I did that too, and no use.

Now I'm able to log back into verizon and see the charge. The Live Chat agent, rudely tells me I should have a tracking number, or just have UPS look it up. Well, UPS tells me the shipper (of the boxes and labels) has that information and they have no way of looking up the pick-up. 

If Verizon wants to provide me the tracking numbers  on the boxes they sent to me, so UPS can look them up, no problem. 

I am sick of chasing this debt around. It's dragging my credit score down, too. 

Re: Returned Equipment-- CANNOT get rid of this charge!
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We have sent a message to the department that your issue was escalated to in December. You should hear from them directly.