Returned Payment/Credit Card Dispute

I called in to cancel my Fios Internet service back in March. The service discontinued on 3/15 and the representative said that my final bill would be adjusted to reflect changes. Even the cancellation email said I would receive final bill/credit as adjusted. However, I was still charged the full amount for March/11-April/10 on the auto-pay date. I called customer service who insisted that the service would be charged for the full month whatsoever and would not be prorated. She said I could dispute via credit card if not happy.

I was sick of calling Verizon again and again without having the problem solved, and disputed the charge (I actually prorated myself just to be fair) with my credit card company. The bank credited my account (after investigation as I sent in the evidence I had), but my Verizon account now says “returned payment” and asks me to pay that disputed amount again. If Verizon so firmly believes that I’m obliged to pay for some service that I didn’t receive, why couldn’t it deal with the bank about the dispute and stop harassing a customer?

Re: Returned Payment/Credit Card Dispute

First you should have cancelled auto pay. Did you do that? 
and verizon depending on who you speak to does not do prorated refunds for internet but has in the past did prorate on tv/phone/internet bundles. You did not say what you have/had.

i always tell folks never do any auto payments since you give a company access to your bank or credit card company accounts. This is not good as you are finding out now.

a dispute to your credit card company usually has them speak to verizon who if they can not prove you owe it the credit card company reverses they charge. Little different for bank debit cards. In any case you will now have to check your credit report. Verizon is famous for posting derogatory information on such credit bureaus even if the consumer is right. It will be another battle. 

so be careful and make sure you are actually in the right.