Returned Payment Fee of $30 After Autopay Setup

Verizon sent the payment request to my bank and says that the bank charged that fee because of non-payment.  This was for the first month's bill that was set as auto pay prior to the service installation.  The incentive of $10 was offered by Verizon for enrolling into auto-pay through bank or debit card.  When I checked back with Verizon they said that there has been a waiting period of 30 days for the auto-pay set up.  If that 30 day waiting period really was the case, why did Verizon pushed the payment through the auto pay before 30 days?  I have dealt with many other vendors and have made online payments and on-time, especially during this pandemic.

Not having funds in my bank account was not the issue.  The bank does not have any record of Verizon's attempt for online bill payment nor any fees charged to Verizon.  Really do not understand this $30 fee that is outrageous.  We should go to BBB or write to other agencies that monitor or regulate why the customers are being charged these fees when the customers are not at fault being tardy or negligent on their bill payments.

Re: Returned Payment Fee of $30 After Autopay Setup

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