Returned phone to be charged a fee for damage not caused by me!!!
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The second week of January we contacted Verizon when my husbands phone screen went blank and was touch and go on and off throughout the day.  After multiple transfers we were connected to the insurance company for our phone through Verizon who indicated that our phone was having an internal screen problem and would need to be exchanged.  Throughout the conversation the agent asked about the condition of the phone where I documented and told her the phone had no other damage other than the screen not working intermittently.  There wasn’t a crack or scratch.  The phone was in an otter box case and screen case.  Upon receipt of the refurbished phone we attempted to transfer my husbands data to the new phone with no screen.  Upon satisfied completion or I should say upon giving up on trying to transfer everything with a black screen we returned the phone in the EXACT box and inner case the refurbished phone came to us.  About 2 weeks after the return of the phone I received an email that the phone was damaged upon arrival.  Apparently during shipping the phone received a crack on the phone.  I called Verizon to discuss.  The customer service agent set up a claim and told me in about two weeks the charges would be removed as I was not responsible for damage in shipping.  Weeks passed and the chargers were not removed.  I called again where the agent took time to see a claim was already in and I was on the phone for over an hour when the line was disconnected.  The agent did attempt to call me back but the line was silent all 3 times I tried to answer.  A few days passed and I called verizon again.  This time the customer service agent said she could do nothing when she connected me to her supervisor who was absolutely rude and obnoxious.  Telling me they cant do anything and I will need to pay for it and its clearly damaged.  Again, I said It wasn’t when I sent it and I am not paying for something that happened in transit with the box and insert they provided. She kept saying its a fed ex box, yes ma’am I said, that is the box you sent the refurbished phone in, I used the exact same box.  She then said there are photos of the Box and there is no damage.  I also received those same photos which clearly show the box was not solid condition it was when I sent it and clearly extra tape was added to the packaging that wasn’t there when I sent it.  She then offered me a 100.00 credit which is absolutely unacceptable.  I left T-Mobile/spring after being with them for almost 25 years for verizon who promised to give us better service.  Clearly that is not true.  I have never felt so used.  I am being charged for something that was not my doing and then being told Oh Well.  I am sure just as I am forced to purchase insurance on not one but 6 lines we have with Verizon that verizon also has a policy to cover issues in transit.  I am appalled and have removed my banking information for automatic billing.  I have paid my bill in full as I do each month prior to due date.  I will not pay the 325.00 which includes tax for a damaged device I did not create.  If verizon doesn’t  make this right quickly I will taking my six phone lines back to T-Mobile/sprint where they always treated me like a valued customer and cared about wanting to keep me as a customer.  Sadly disappointed … 

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