Riley Storm Recovery
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I have 3 FIOS services, all of which were knocked out when a tree landed on the utility pole outside of our house.  Though we now have power restored, Verizon is making it very difficult to report the loss of ALL service.  I've tried using the online diagnostic, I've tried using CHAT, and today, I even tried calling Verizon Wireless for help.  Verizon is about to lose me as a customer, without making it much simpler to report a major loss of service in my entire neighborhood.  As bad as ConEd was at restoring power, they at least had a communication system in place to both report and track the service loss and when it might be restored... does anyone know of an effective way to get Verizon's attention?  Currently, I am scheduled for a call-back but am almost certain that I will then be transferred and placed on indefinite HOLD!

Re: Riley Storm Recovery

You mentioned Consolidated Edison, are you in NY state? Or NJ?

if in NY and call the toll free number and have them contact Verizon and Verizon will get back to you.

if in NJ,

Hope it all works out.