Robbed of Service

I was an existing Fios customer, when my service was apparently suspended on 3/14/20178 due to Comcast requesting my landline number be released to them without my authorization. I received no notification nor request for confirmation from Verizon of my desire to release this phone number to another carrier. My Fios service merely stopped working. I called Verizon and sorted the issue out, so I thought. On 3/19/2018, I received an email describing the exact same situation. I again called in and spent yet another 40 minutes on the phone attempting to put things right. The customer service representative informed me that the easiest way to right this wrong was to stop my service and reissue a "no contract" agreement for service for one year with the same package I had in place previously. at a slightly discounted rate. I agreed to this (as long a I was provided the same channels and internet speed). Since then, I have received a phone call (on 3/20/2018) describing exactly the same issue with the associated landline # (which I was assured that there would be no issue regarding suspension of service) and have noticed that I am now missing 25 channels that I had on my previous service. There are likely more channels missing from my service that simply have not been noticed as of yet.
I fell this is incredibly unfair as I had nothing to do with any of this. It is completely between Verizon and Comcast and I have simply been caught in the middle. There is absolutely no justification for the Fios package I was and continue to pay for being downgraded through no fault of my own. I feel Verizon is 100% at fault for this and I simply will not tolerate it.
Please return my service to include ALL of it's original channels and 150MPS up/down before I am forced to take further action.
Thank you

Re: Robbed of Service

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.