Rude Recovery Supervisor-Destiny

I have been on the phone with verizon ALL DAY! 4.5 hours off and on. I am still currently waiting for a return phone call. I was sent to collections for $105 bill. I called Verizon multiple times to be told I don't owe $105 and that my account was current. I was told this several times. I spoke with collection agency in verizon who also disputed the validity of the bill because nobody could find I owed the bill. However it was then put on my credit report. I called back and was till told I didn't owe the bill. Eventually I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was transfered several times. I eventually was told there was a mistake and $105 somehow was owed under an old closed account. However I have been with verizon for over 10 years now so I shouldn't have a closed account. Regardless I just paid the bill even thought I don't believe I owe the $105 just to get it taken care of. I was told it was a verizon error and would be removed from my credit report within 24-48 hours by Kim in teh credit reporting department. I called back to confirm today and have been transferred all over the place to several departments for several hours. I eventually got really mad and got to a supervisor named Destiny in the Recovery department. I explained the situation and she was rude. She said she wouldn't remove it even though I was told I didn't owe the bill. She said she finds that it's a valid charge and that she will not remove it, due to the Fair Credit Act. Even though it's a Verizon error. She was very condescending, didn't care about the situation and refused to remove it and said she is the highest supervisor and too bad it's not getting removed. Very cold. Unwilling to see the situation for the error that it is. I called back to speak with another supervisor but have been giving the run around. Eventually talked to financial services who was willing to look into the notes of my account. She seen where they created a new account under my husbands name and it stated that the previous balance from our old account was transferred to my new account. She said it should have never been sent over to collections. So again another agent to admit it was a verizon error and yet Destiny the highest recovery supervisor still is unwilling to correct this mistake and remove this from my credit.  I will be reaching out daily until I get someone who is wiling to correct Verizon's mistake. I am also contacting the BBB and Public Utility commissions office. Verizon treats loyal customers like trash! It's not ok!

Re: Rude Recovery Supervisor-Destiny


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