SURPRISE! You're in Collections!!!

After being a dedicated Verizon customer for over 7 years, we started to experience major technical issues with FIOS. Our cable service began stuttering, and eventually failed completely on 3/24/15. We tried several times to call customer service, and they failed to resolve. We then experienced major issues with our internet - both internet and cable were down for almost a month. Eventually, after several technician service calls and replacement of several pieces of equipment, the technical problems were solved. The next month, we were hit with a surpise "labor" charge of $137.00, plus an indeterminable amount in "Charges and Fees" - not to mention the fact that we were charged full price for service, regardless of the fact that both cable and internet service were down for almost an entire month.

Between March 24 and May 16, I called Verizon 6 times and spent over 3 full hours on the phone trying to correct all the bogus charges. On May 16, I spoke with several departments (customer service, billing & payments, dispatch), including supervisors from all departments, and finally verified that I would be credited for both the service charges and for the labor charges, given that the resolution of our techncal issues was likely related to Verizon equipment.

Given all the issues we were now experiencing, we decided it was time to cut the cord - I canceled my service on June 4.

Fast forward to August 28th, when I received a statement from a collections agency for overdue charges. Upon investigating, I came to the conclusion that these charges are the "labor" charges that I previously verified were going to be credited. Prior to 8/28, I had not received any statements or notifications that these charges were outstanding.

I called customer service on 8/31 to let them know of the billing error, and how it had been resolved and credited (at least verbally) - and now they are stating that no such conversations ever took place. I spoke with two individuals from customer service, including a supervisor - who then sent me over to the billing & payments department - who then told me I need to speak with customer service. After spending over 70 minutes on the phone with these folks, all of whom are claiming that no such conversations ever took place and that they cannot do anything to adjust the bill - I was hung up on.

I refuse to be a dedicated customer for over 7 years and face this type of disgusting behavior. I refuse to spend so much precious time talking in circles with people who obviously don't care about my experience. I refuse to waste any more time on this ridiculous and vain effort. I'm done. I give up.

Re: SURPRISE! You're in Collections!!!
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Hi bullschmidt1,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you. Please go to your profile page for the forum and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under "My Support Cases" you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. The title of your post is the link. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe". Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.