Sales rep lied and now a monthly price increase
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I received a letter 3 months ago from Verizon informing me that my bundle was about to expire and stated that I was eligible to re-bundle with a new 2 year commitment.

I called a spoke with a very helpful rep (so I thought) who walked me through the process of re-bundling.  Twice I asked the rep if the monthly price that he was quoting me would be the same each month for the entire 2 years and both times he confirmed that the price would NOT increase.  I CONFIRMED THIS TWICE!  ON A RECORDED LINE!

The first 3 months I receievd my bill with the agreed upon price.  HOWEVER......

On month 4 I received my bill and it was magically 25% higher than the agreed upon price (DID I MENTION THAT PRICE I AGREED TO WAS ON A RECORDED LINE?).

Today I called Verizon to inquire as to why they lied and raised my price.

The first call I was hung up on (I will chalk that up to an accident)

The second call I talked to "Anna", who made NO apolgies at Verizon's error.  And made no attempt to rectify the issue.  Her only offer was to downgrade my plan which would only save $7 per month (and carry a new 2 year agreement).  When I told her that was unacceptable and that I would just like to be let out of my contract she said that it would be a $210 early termination fee!  To which I responded that they will just waive it and she said that they would not!!!

So I asked to speak with a manager and her response was that all the managers were in a 3 hour meeting (are you kidding me??)  She took down my cell number and repeated it and said that they would call me back in 3 hours.  IT IS NOW 8 HOURS LATER and still no call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verizon's Next Steps

1.  I want those managers reprimanded for ALL being off the floor for 3 hours

2.  I want "Anna" or the manager responsible for calling me back reprimanded for not following up on their promise to return my call

3.  I want Verizon to either

     A.  Honor the price that I agreed to ON A RECORDED LINE or....

     B.  Let me out of my contract and waive the early termination fee

I will give Verizon 5 days before I contact the CFPB, the BBB, Consumer Affairs, the local and national news, and Lowell McAdam myself.

These deceptive business practices are unimaginably unconscionable and they must be stopped immediately.



Re: Sales rep lied and now a monthly price increase
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The people you need to work with are only there old fashion business hours.

You are talking here to peers, not Verizon.

As a curiosity are you sure the price is going up because you had a free for 3 months extra such as HBO.

Re: Sales rep lied and now a monthly price increase
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I appreciate the effort TNS.

I know what happened already.  i figured it out last month.  There were existing credits that expired.

My issue is that the sales rep did not inform me of the expiring credits.  When I asked them what the price would be they said $XXX.XX per month.  I asked if that was going to be the price for each month for 2 years and they said yes.  I asked again to confirm and they said yes.

My issue is that had they disclosed the actual price there is a good chance that I would not have rebundled.

The sales rep's deceptive practice of not disclosing the actual price when I asked 2 different times led me to make a decison in resigning a new 2 year agreement that I may not have made knowing the actual price.

Therefore, Verizon either must:

1.  Honor the agreed upon price of the legally binding contract

2.  Waive the early termination fee

This is an open and shut case.

Re: Sales rep lied and now a monthly price increase
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Hi disgruntled2014,

Sorry you are having difficulty with your billing. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

Re: Sales rep lied and now a monthly price increase
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Thank you LawrenceC, I look forward to having them help resolve their mistake.