Scamming the elderly

My father whose accounts, bills and services i manage is getting hit by verizon once again. He had a tech come out to fix a wire that was causing interferance with some channels. Tech repaired connection at the box. Now he gets a bill for almost $600. Theyre hitting him with a early temination fee and other fees for changes to his plan. He made no changes to his plan but they insist he wanted upgraded internet speed and made an oral agreement with the technician to change his plan. Makes no sense being he cant stand computers and doesnt own one or any internet using devices. A chat and call to customer service was just insulting. They wont remove the fees unless he agrees to signing into a new contract, again, after he just did a few months ago.

This has been happening again and again for the past few years and i cant get verizon to stop. First verizon wireless talked him into an unlimited data cell plan by explaining he couldnt use his phone without data. He being elderly didnt understand he was using an old flip phone without internet capability he just thought he needed it for the phone to work. His triple play had him subscibed to all the premium channels he never wanted and did'nt know he had. He's old. Plain and simple. He doesnt read but just pays the bills as they come. Our fault i get it but i spend time with verizon to get his servcies and bills straightened out and a few days later a verizon saleman calls and enrolls him in a new plan or services he doesnt need or understand. 

We have spoken to reps and asked that he not be contacted about offers and that i should be contacted about anything in regards to his account. Its almost as if they have him targeted. Now it's that he made a verbal agreement with a service technician. I'm switching from fios to comcast next month for my own reasons and maybe its time for him too.

Re: Scamming the elderly

Hi mmarti,

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