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I'm reaching out to share a situation that, although it might seem minor in monetary terms, has significantly affected my relationship with Verizon and, more importantly, my personal life. This isn't just about the $19.88 I was billed after closing my account in 2016; it's about the principle of the matter and how a seemingly small issue can spiral out of control.

In 2016, I purchased an unlocked international version of a phone online, aiming to save some money. Before making the purchase, I contacted Verizon to confirm if the device would be compatible with their network. A representative assured me there would be no issues. However, the reality was a stark contrast—my service was sporadic at best, functioning less than half the time. After a month of enduring poor connectivity and numerous unproductive interactions with customer service, I decided to terminate my Verizon service. The final bill included a charge of $19.88 for the remainder of the month—a month where the service was barely usable.

Over the following eight years, I tirelessly sought resolution, engaging with customer service through calls and in-store visits. My efforts seemed to culminate in a resolution when a representative informed me that I no longer owed the $19.88 and should disregard any further notices. Yet, this relief was short-lived as I recently received a letter from a debt collection agency regarding this very charge.

The frustration lies not just in the amount but in the principle and the countless hours spent seeking a resolution, only to find myself wishing I had just gave in and paid the unjustified amount. This ongoing issue has now reached a point where it threatens my credit score, over an amount and a service that failed to meet the promised standard from the outset.

I share this story in our community forum not to place blame but in search of guidance and, hopefully, a resolution. My experience underscores the importance of clear communication and effective customer service. If anyone has faced a similar situation or has advice on navigating this dispute, I would greatly appreciate your insight.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for any advice you may offer.

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Customer Service Rep

Hey there, ajalgamus, I'm sorry to hear the service with your unlocked device didn't work out and that caused you to leave Verizon. We know how important your credit score and getting a resolution to this issue is. Since you now have a letter from a collection agency, you have the option to dispute the balance if you prefer to go that route over settlement. If you would like to do that, please call the number on the collection notice and the collection agency will be able to help file the dispute for you.