Senior Citizens and Verizon
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Just a point that I hope maybe someone over there at verizon might consider. I have Verizon Essentials plus high speed Internet. Did not need the home phone but had to get it as Verizon will no longer 'dry loop' and just let you get Internet. Got that package and have kept it. This is August 2014 and my bill just came in. $79.83. In August of 2012 my bill for the same service was $59.55. Doing the Math, that is a 26% increase. During that same time the Social Security COLA (cost of living increase was 2.3%. That is a difference of 23.7%. Rent inceased, food increased, etc. Being disabled Internet is my life line so getting rid of it now is not an option. Many seniors want internet but can't afford it especially if they have to get a landline when they really need a cell phone to keep on their person. Sadly, big companies rarely look at things like this. Not expecting any changes or help just wanted to quietly share a frustration.

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I hear ya. Same with me. I've been permanently disabled for over 11 years and live in chronic pain. I'm on SSDI which brings in about the same as a full time job at minimum wage. I too am all but a recluse and rely on tv and internet just to get through the day. Verizon doesn't want to hear it.  They truly don't care at all. I'd be happy to just be able to get the rates they give new customers. I get at least 6 or 7 Verizon Fios flyers asking people to sign up. Not to mention all the TV ads that cost a bundle.

It takes a lot more money to get new clients than it does to keep the loyal ones happy. I'm going to give it a shot again soon and if not successful I'm going to Directv, a lot of my neighbors have it and are happy with it. Not to mention it costs a lot less.