Senior "accept" and sold extra stuff she cant afford!!

My 90 yr old relative called Verizon to try to lower her expensive phone and internet service. They said they would help her...quoted her a price and then told her she had to log on email to "accept" what they discussed. The 90 yr old had to turn on her computer and get the email and hit "accept" all while the Verizon agent was on the phone with her. STRESS.  She did hit accept and when the first bill came, she had signed up for TV, phone and internet.  She doesnt want fios tv.  No one came and installed what she even needs to get fios tv.  She tried to call several times and explain this is not what she was one will rescind her order. She sent in less $$ hoping to get someone to respond. No, now she just has past due money.  Verizon took advantage of her age. Have called congressman to see if they have any high up verizon consumer affairs folks.  Furious!!!

Re: Senior "accept" and sold extra stuff she cant afford!!
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Hi paula15976,

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