Shady Technician Saved My Password in his personal Cell

Title says it all. During my recent FIOS install the technician decided it was a great idea to save my wifi password in his personal cell phone. Between that and the abnormally long time it took for him to install the service into a home that was prewired I am not getting a good feeling about the service. The fact that he decieded to skip the "one free computer installation part" would normally upset me but to be honest I wouldnt want him anywhere near my computer after the password in his cell incident. Isn't any excuse about need to test the connection, especially since he already has a company issues ipad and smartphone that he could have used(or just asked me to connect). Good thing I am within my 30 day window to cancel.

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Re: Shady Technician Saved My Password in his personal Cell
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Community Leader

If you haven't changed your WiFi password, change it.  Problem solved.

I never let any technicians near my computer(s), nor do I install any ISP software.  It's just not needed if you have any reasonable computer skills.

Enjoy FiOS, it's a great service.