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I was sold a junk phone that was doomed. I asked Verizon to fix my phone and they did not present sensible options. I was directed to Assurion. Assurion demanded $249 to file a claim so they could hand me back a refurbished device. I refused that offer. I'm not going to be paying for a brand new device just to pay the additional cost of a refurbished device and then be stuck with a refurbished one. What kind of a hustle am I being exposed to? I ended up sending my device in to Samsung for repair. It was free to send it in, brand new Samsung parts were going to be used during the repair plus, at the end, I get the phone I'm paying for, back. Unfortunately, Samsung declined to repair the phone. Samsung ended up dooming the phone instead but they wouldn't tell me why. Samsung sent me a check for the dead device in the end. Now, when I got the check from Samsung, Verizon demanded payment in full for the contract. I paid Verizon out resulting in my contract agreement being paid in full. I believe Verizon should have canceled the contract and refunded the money I had paid to that point but they didn't. Ultimately I paid for a dead phone. I asked for my  money back after I closed out the contract and was basically told that's how it goes. I dismiss that notion. You cannot be in the business of selling cell phones, sell a loyal customer a bad phone, not fix the phone, demand full payment and then go about your day. It doesn't work that way. I want my money back.

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Unfortunately, your phone is not a product of your service provider, which is why they are sold with installments to make that very clear.   This junk as you refer to. It is Samsung‘s junk not Verizon‘s anymore than it would be AT&T’s or T-Mobile‘s. The service provider does not build the phone. The service providers do not put the software on the phone before shipping it out to service providers for sale.  All on the manufacturer.

if the item is defective within the return window, you can return it as a defective device for a replacement in exchange. Replacements must be the exact same phone, or you will be charged a restock fee..  

Just like if you had purchased a refrigerator, you must deal with a manufacturer for warranty issues or your insurance provider if your warranty is no longer valid.  This is also no different than if you had a car that was totaled by the insurance provider and they provided you with a check less your deductible and you could use that check to pay off your car loan. You then have no car and no loan. Still without transportation and are responsible for purchasing a new automobile. This is no different.

##Warranty is good from one year from date of sale and provides you with a free , like new, refurbished , although some have gotten a new replacement via #Warranty, and insurance it is not guaranteed. We have been fortunate enough to only have to warranty one phone through the manufacturer. In all the years I have headphones. Thank goodness


(although some get a new )replacement. 



Fyi, impossible to edit posts before posting on mobile.  The cursor will not move to the end of the post, and cannot be placed appropriately within the post in order to edit out errors. For example, auto correct decided the word was headphones at the end of my post. I could not place the cursor anywhere near the word headphones I can only play sit at the end of the line 2 lines up from where that word was. And will not move to the end of the post at all to remove a dangling partial sentence. Verizon needs to complain to the business that provides this forum set up.

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