Single mother tricked into a monthly plan
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I'm a single mother with four kids unemployed I've had Verizon wireless prepaid for the past 2 years and by luck I was able to come up with payment on time every month in my phone just broke not that long ago late a month ago when I went to Walmart and you know grab the little display showing what phone I was picking out and went up to the counter the employee there was like oh have you heard of postpay if I'm not mistaking that's what it's called and I said no she told me about it and I said what's the trick behind it because she said after I got done paying $150 for the phone off then I'm going to have to worry about the plan and she said there's no truth behind it and the trick is you get put on a monthly plan that you are obligated to have to pay and now I do not know what to do I'm unemployed I need my phone and my bill is way too much I just wanna cry