Sleazy business ethics
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I had wondered why I had not received an email notification that my 2 year triple play contract was due for renewal. Well, two days ago, my new bill arrived, it had gone from $146 to $181.  I immediately re-signed up for the 2 year renewal, but after calling support, they refused to reduce the $181 charge for the upcoming month.

I explained to the support person, that none of this was my fault. Verizon did not send out a contract expiration notification, and I am not a mind reader.  I would cancel my service right now, but I just re-signed a new 2 year contract.  So for a lousy $35, Verizon is going to lose a once loyal customer of six years, when my contract expires in two years.  Not a very smart way to do business. 

Re: Sleazy business ethics

Go here and call the toll free number or use the online complaint portal.

have a valid phone number to have the Public Service Commission to contact you as well as Verizon escalations department.

they may be able to assist. And why wait 2 years. Most providers pay the fee for jumping to competing services. Verizon is paying etf as well.