Slow to NO WIFI

I am paying 49.99 for DSL every month that doesn't work most of the time. Yes, I have called Verizon repair many times. Sometimes it works during the day, but is extremely slow; In the evening 6:30-7:00pm...forget it! 

Problem #1I can only get 1mbps where I live

Problem #2 There is no FIOS available in this town

Problem #3 Why am I paying for service I don't get? (my stupidity)Keep giving them chances; loyal customer

Problem #4 Getting on the phone with tech support is usually 1-2 hours of my time

Problem #5 Getting someone that has good command of the English language on the phone

Problem #6 The issue is not resolved; cost keeps rising (49.99 Month now), but service gets worse.

Problem #7 When you finally get someone that understands; you always lose them & can never speak with the same person again. That happened today...again!

Problem #8 Verizon doesn't care about your long as they're getting the money each month.

They don't appear to care about how many customers they're losing or have already lost in my area because of these unresolved issues.

After speaking to a nice lady, names Naomi, in tech support last night, I decided to contact customer service (billing & payments) today and ask for credit for this long period of horrible service. They can clearly see how many times I've called about the same thing. I get "Ben, as in Benjamin" who is willing to give me credit for 7 days of service, which is $11 and some change.  What!? He told me that's all he could do; couldn't increase or better my service and that was all the options he has! 

***The real kicker was when I received a call from Verizon shortly after speaking with Ben who said the Engineers are working on the problem as quickly as they could and it will be fixed the "end of the first quarter". When I asked when that would be, I was told the end of March!  Great!!!!!***