So far .. not impressed

I ordered the Verizon Triple play package and scheduled the install date for the day after my scheduled closing date on my new house. The house is new construction, so I clicked the button that said no one was currently living there and to have the technician bring the equipment with them. Due to the weather, the construction on the house was delayed and the closing date was pushed back.

So the problem began last night. I figured it would be an easy change, and pushed back the install date a week. For some reason, the system automatically changed the order and decided it was going to ship out my equipment. This is a problem because there is no one there to receive the package as the house is not livable at the moment. So I tried to do the live chat support, as it was late when this change was made yesterday, and the live chat specialist kept referring me to self-installation and seemingly just trying to push the issue off on someone else. I do not plan to self-install anything, all I need is for the technician to bring the equipment with them - I explain ... the house isn't done being built yet. They gave me the self-install number again and bid me good night.

So I went to bed planning to take care of it first thing this morning. I wake up to a text from verizon stating they've shipped my equipment and it should arrive shortly. 


So I call the hotline number and begin to speak to someone who asked me for my current t.v and internet account number several times in a different way as they could not seem to understand that I've never had verizon t.v and internet before. Finally we are able to move past that, I give them the new order number and they look up the tracking information. They then put me on hold for 15 mins to come back and tell me that they would call me later when they figure out how to change the address of where it's being shipped to.

The issue there, as I could of tried to do it myself on the UPS site, is that - my current cell phone billing address and my new home install delivery address have a different zip code. For some reason, UPS can't verify my identity because the credentials used to ship and the billing zip code on my phone are different.

As a customer coming from Comcast, I was thoroughly excited about the switch ... but the fact that something like this is able to happen before I even have the service, is a bit foreboding. Why was there a change to the original order just for changing the install date? Why was there no way of changing the equipment delivery status back to how it was originally from the website?

Normally I don't care and would just go with the flow ... but browsing the forums a bit I've come to see that people are being charged for equipment they've already returned among a slew of other issues ... so I felt the need to document the situation ... so if the equipment is to come up missing by being delivered to a house with no occupancy ... that hopefully I won't get stuck with the bill. 

Also after browsing the forums, I have a feeling I'm also going to have to go through some issues with the $400 prepaid card incentive they offered as well. If so, I guess you'll be seeing me back again ...

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You should have let the tech show up. The tech would have called you before the job and they could have put the order in jeopardy. The tech could have had the due date changed or you could have then called in to change it at that point.


Yeah well, the website told me to notify them at least 1 day prior for any changes. I figured if I waited, they may of tried to charge me some sort of fee, and decided to be proactive with the situation.

So even though I went through the process of calling their self-install hotline and trying to get the problem resolved ... nothing changed and the UPS tracking number apparently says it was delivered to the customer man.

Problem here lies with the fact that the house is still un-livable and the customers are not there to receive the equipment.

This is going to be fun ...

Least I have proof of being at work while the supposed delivery was made on my side. Really thinking about just cancelling the whole order and re-ordering when I actually am living there. 

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Hello Ensan3

Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.Please remember to check your spam/junk folder if you do not hear from an agent.