Sometimes extreme measures are needed
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For more than a month now a problem with my account data has made it impossible for me to stream any live TV channel on any PC system or to view my current Verizon services. I figure  have spent probably 10 hours on the phone, in chat sessions, and in a lengthy screen-sharing session with around 15 different Verizon support people. The problem is still not fixed.

Last Friday 01 May 2015 I called 1-800-VERISON and told the rep I was going to stop paying my bill unless the problem was fixed by close of business Monday 04 May 2015. At about noon on 04 May 2015 I initiated a chat session with Verizon support in which I stated the above information again - I wanted a printed copy of my interaction with Verizon.

I got transferred to someone who said my account would be credited when the problem was fixed, and that I should pay my bill to avoid termination of services. I replied that if Verizon threatened me with service termination I would switch to another provider, which I can do, and that I was not going to pay my bill until the problem was fixed.

I have not heard anything more since then.  I wonder if I ever will.