Sometimes you just have to wonder

Last week, I spent one 2.5 hrs one morning waiting to talk to a human being to report my phone, tv, and internet were all out.  During that time I kept having to listen to a message that I should check at for solutions to my problems. This morning I received an email from Verizon, reminding me when I need service or problems solved I should use the on-line guide.............................DUH, what do you do when you don't have ANY service?

Secondly, when we finally reached one human, when I told her the situation with the FIOS battery we were disconnected.  I had given her my call back and asked her to please, if we got disconnected, call back. (Never happened)  So, back on hold I go again through the queue. (23 minutes)  Finally, friendly guy.  Result: We needed to be home all day THAT day, the tech would come out that day, no time given. So, we waited.  4:00 pm, back on my cell phone to check.  We were scheduled for tomorrow...  WHAT?  I explained we had medical issues, and she was kind and checked, etc. (also assured me she would call back when she got to work the next day to see if work had been completed--never happened).  We were scheduled for the next day, and  received an email... before 11:59 Am.  Next morning, we wait.... 1:15 pm truck drives up, parks across the street.  Tech on phone... drives off.  comes back after 3pm.  Took a look at equipment and changed the battery back up.  :10 minutes and we have full service again.    

Disappointed in Verizon!