Spotty Tech Support
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Starting on Friday, February 14th, the passwords in my Verizon account were hacked. Changing the passcode later, they were changed yet again early Saturday and later once or twice on Saturday evening / Sunday morning.

This isn't about the hack, it's a blow off steam about the tech support.

Except for the e-Center, the normal level of Tech Support is very limited in what they are able to do, and I accept that. The e-Center isn't open on Sundays, so I was out of luck  with rrespect to finding someone who could deal with the problem. A few tried, admirably, staying in one case on the phone with e for perhaps two hours trying this, and trying that.

But two of them truly need to go back to school and re-learn how to communicate with customers.

The first, seemed to lose his mind when I mentioned that the hack had created a struing  of inquiries into financial institutions requesting my passcodes. He actually started shouting, telling me I should not be calling Verizon,. I should be contacting the local Police. Imagine if he had said that to a customer who was paniced by it. For my own case, I thought the guy was out of his mind, and he hung up on me.

The second occasion was Sunday, when I called because the account had been hacked again. The second Tech I spoke with was the gentleman who spent two hours with me. But the fuirst, what apearl she was.

This was a person who does not talk with people, she talks at people. She steams me up more than anything, because I actually lost my tempoper with her. I should not have done that. However, when you are calling to garner help with a technical issue and the tech rep isn't listening, does not appear to even attempt to understand the issues, it is incredibly frustrating.

I think Verizon should regularly put their people who deal with the public through customer service training. Some, not all, are just out of touch.