Staten Island NY Taxes and Fees FIOS

I want to see how my taxes and fees compare to other Verizon customers. 

NY State and Local Sales Tax 6.64
911 Surcharge 1.00
NY State and Local Tax Surcharges 5.15
Video Franchise Fee 6.39
Federal Universal Servioe Fee 4.91
Regulatory Recovery Fee - Federal .06
PEG Grant Fee 1.25
Regional Sports Network Fee 7.89
Fios TV Broedcast Fee 6.49
FDV Administrative Charge .99
NY Municipal Construction Surcharge 2.49
Subtotal $43.26

Re: Staten Island NY Taxes and Fees FIOS

The only “bogus surcharge” i have is the NYS Municipal Construction Surcharge at $2.49 the rest of your taxes are based on phone and tv. 

If you got rid of tv and went to a streaming service you get rid of all those tv taxes and fees. If you get rid of phone and port out to a voip phone service those taxes and fees and surcharges are not accessed. However although there are no taxes on internet that bogus $2.49 surcharge remains even though the NYS Public Service Commission ruled against verizon verizon charging it. However it was on copper and not fiber.