Still being billed after cancellation

I got confirmation email from Verizon on 2/22 that I canceled my only service with them (FiOS internet) and I recall the representative advising I had paid up through 2/27.  Now I get a new bill for 2/28 - 3/24 ($99.99 -- which is odd in itself since I had been paying $74.99).  I have read about possibly getting continuous billing and reported to collections.  Why is this happening?  What can be done short of sending letters to FCC and Attorney General?  This should not be!  Cancellation is an inherent right of a customer.  I was only a month-to-month plan, I was not obligated to keep getting billed.   I want to end this now and not have some runaround.

Re: Still being billed after cancellation

Contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via google look up. They regulate Verizon and can assist.

yes the Attorney General in your state is a good idea as well. Try their consumer frauds and protections division. They love these types of filings.

however first check your paper invoice. Look at the bill closing date and bill start dates.

if you cancel even one day past your closing date you will be charged for the next month which is non refundable. If you did cancel on time then the agencies will assist you.

Re: Still being billed after cancellation
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.