Stolen OTP

I just moved into a new residence and someone just stole my FiOS otp. 

I couldn't get internet yesterday, and after troubleshooting with the phone, I walked out to the area behind my house. I noticed that there (supposedly temporary)fiber that was ran to by box was thrown across the lawn. After I picked it up and walked to the OTP,  I saw that the box was broken into and the box itself was stolen. 

I've been waiting to reach a Verizon agent for about a half an hour as I type this..

Edit: @1 hour mark without reaching a live agent..

Edit: reached a rep. She was awesome! Having a rep stop by soon

imageEverything inside was taken

imageLock on right side still on

Re: Stolen OTP

It's called an ONT (optical network terminal) 

if you call verizon they can replace it. Also they can place it on the stolen database so the person who grabbed it can not use it. They could sell it to an unsuspecting person and then the other person would be out money and service.

file a police report as well to keep you from getting dinged for the stolen equipment.

Re: Stolen OTP
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The ONT is not in that part with the white fiber. It is in the other part with the lock on the right side. You need a flat head screwdriver or a 3/8 nutdriver to open the front box.