Stop Scamming

I started services with Verizon fios a year ago. When I signed up there was a special promotion that if I signed a 2 year contract I would get a $200.00 amazon gift card. Tempted by the offer I decided to agree to the 2 year contract. Well after a few weeks I didn't recieve the gift card so I called Verizon and was told it can take up to a month to recieve. So I waited another 2 weeks and called again. This time I was told it should be ariving anytime, and to call back if I had any further issues. I let another 2 weeks pass and this time when I called they said I was not qualified for the amazon gift card and at this point it was too late to back out of the contract so I was stuck in it. Well I've had services for a year now but because I don't have enough money to live in my current residence and I have to move in with a roommate I have to pay an early termination fee. I've given verizon over a thousand dollars this past year they should at least be able to hold up their end of the bargan and not lie to you verbally and trick you in their fine print.

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Re: Stop Scamming
Customer Service Rep

I would be more than happy to look in to both your early termination fee and the missing gift card.  Something doesn't seem right here so I'm going to send you a private message and ask for some details.