Sub-Account Controls

I want to create an account so my child can watch Mobile TV on their phone. I found the feature called "Sub-Account" which allowed me to create an account for them. I wanted them to have Access "ONLY" to the mobile TV watching and such.

I decided to log on to the website using this new account that was just created.  On the Homepage it says "You are signed in as a sub account user, only primary account holder can view verizon bill online"...... Ok thats great thats something I wanted.

However, as I was going through the home page I noticed the "Service Tab" at the top. Under it I was able to click on the "Add/Change Plan", and it actually opened up the page where I could modify the plan. Now this is not good at all; I dont want my child having access to make changes on the plan. Sure I could always tell them "Not" to go into that tab and select anything. However I dont want this ability, lets say what happens if someone else gets their hands on the username/password cause they lose the informaiton, or they lose their phone? 

Is there a way to block a Sub-Account from being able to Make Changes on the Account?  Or if such a change exists? 

Thank you

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