Support call nightmare. All I want to do is pay my bill.

I just got off the phone with support trying to get what should be an extremely simple request taken care of.

I am currently unable to pay my bill without being hit with an unnecessary service charge because my MyVerizon account is linked to an old FiOS account. I called support hoping they could easily edit the record for this account and switch the linked account number over to my current one.

After spelling the account name several times to the CSR, he was unable to find a record for the account. The account I'm currently logged in and posting from. He then went and checked with a tech, who was also unable to find the account. After none of this worked, the CSR told me to try to go through the activation page again with my account setup order number. I did this, and the registration page appears to think my new service is linked to this account, but upon logging in, I only see the old account information, and still no reference to this account.

I have cleared my cookies multiple times. I know what I'm doing. The CSR said all he could do was generate a random login for me to use. Why aren't either of my two existing accounts able to be linked to my account number?

There was a support ticket generated for this call that says my issue will be resolved by 5:15PM on 1/25/2012.  If it isn't, my next call won't be for support, it'll be directly to retentions. All I want to do is pay my bill in full without having to pay an unnecessary BillMatrix charge.

Re: Support call nightmare. All I want to do is pay my bill.
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I apologize for the frustration that you are having with your account. We would be glad to take a look at this for you. I sent you a private message to get started.

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