Surcharges, Taxes and Fees are too high

I signed-up with Verizon, and when I look at the first bill, the surcharges and taxes seem very high comparing to AT&T.  I think the only item that Verizon can charge differently from AT&T is Admin charge and the rest should be the same but it is not the case here.

The three charges that make a big jumps are: Federal Universal Service Charge,  Texas Universal Service and TX State Sale

Administrative Fee.                                          $1.99.     $3.30
Federal Universal Service Charge     $0.55.   $4.19
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge   $1.50.    $0.09
TX State Cost Recovery Charge.        $0.17
TX Margin Surcharge                                                          $0.32
Texas Universal Service.                              $0.81.      $7.69
9-1-1 Service Fee.                                                 $0.50.     $0.50
911 Equalization Surcharge                       $0.06.      $0.06
City District Sales Tax - Telecom.        $0.07
City Sales Tax - Telecom                            $0.07
TX State Sales Tax - Telecom.               $0.41            $3.43

For a line of $60 (-$10 BYOD). the total surcharge is $19.58/line while AT&T is $6.13/line

I don't expect they are both the same but 3x more seems to me is very excessive

Any thoughts?    I was thinking to move all my 5 lines over but with the high surcharges, I doubt that I will

Re: Surcharges, Taxes and Fees are too high
Customer Service Rep

We work tirelessly to remain transparent regarding billing, chopstick. As you point out, taxes and surcharges consist of many components. We cannot speak to how others bill for such things, but we can say that all cellular service companies are responsible for collecting all applicable taxes and surcharges, and then disbursing those taxes and surcharges to the applicable authorities. We would love to have your whole family join ours!