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So back in march I ordered my daughter a new Samsung s23 as it had 0$ due monthly and the sales guy said there was a Samsung tablet also 0$ monthly- I knew I would have to pay activation fee and line fee . I agreed and signed for the tablet then it was back ordered for over a month. Not a big deal until I started getting random notices that my card was not valid could I click the link and add the right account. I called Verizon and asked about it. I was told that my tablet was ready to ship but the payment card, same one they take money from monthly, didn’t go through. 
I was given the link to try again and kept getting told that the card was invalid. The sales guy then said he could take care of it and said he would just cancel that one and redo it. I asked a couple times about it messing with my offer and I wasn’t going to get charged more…….. now 2 months later and my bill is over $330 a month. 
I called earlier today and asked about the promotion for the tablet and explained what happened and said I had the sales persons info and they said it didn’t matter because when “you canceled the order you lost your promotion” I said but I didn’t cancel that was your company’s representative who you have educated and trained to know the rules. I made sure to ask the right questions and was told it was ok and I would still have the promotion. 
yeah not what happened so the customer service person said they would give me money back but it was half of what the promotion was then she asked me to trust her over and over that she knew and understood what I was going through. I got a bit loud and **bleep** as can be imagined and by the 3 or 4th time she told me to trust her I exploded. The deal was no money out of pocket and they were trying to sell the deal of giving me half. 

stay away from free things listed by Verizon. 
Oh and this was after spending 3 hours on the phone with customer service and 3 hours of them saying they were looking into my account. 
In this economy any extra out of a small family budget is hard, but now there is more coming out because a multibillion company refuses to look into the sales persons’ deals and what was said. 
we will be finding a new provider or we will just go without cells. 

yep it has been 2.5 hours and I am still **bleep** If you have taken time to read this I hope it helps you decide against that free anything from Verizon.

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We're sorry about the experience you've had trying to get the promotion applied to your account. Another pair of eyes can't hurt and we'd like the chance to help you. We'll send you a Private Note shortly.


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Its the same thing al the time. Verizon is shady. Yeah you have great coverage but you prolly sold your soul to the devil for that. Customer service, sales, chat, store rep, and so on its all a big circle customer run around trying to get thier stuff fixed. . Nobody knows whats going on. Thats how they get away with it. Since nobody is ever at fault, its juat an apology and pay your bill