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I tried to move my service to an area where I was forced to move to for a job and unfortunately Verizon does not offer FIOS at our new location.  So instead of transferring the service I was forced to cancel the service, which I didn't want to do.  When I was talking to the representative, he told me that I was still under contract and therefore was going to have to pay an early termination fee of $180.  I understand if I was moving to an area where they offered service and didn't want to continue on with the contract, but I am moving to an area that doesn't have Verizon service.  All I got was the canned answers, " I am sorry sir.  There isn't anything I can do."  I thought Verizon was all about customer service, obviously NOT! Needless to say when our contract on our cell phones runs out we will not be renewing!   I tried to talk to a manager and all he said was that since I was moving, that Verizon puts the blame (he used the word blame) on me for breaking the contract.  I guess I will have to tell my job that I can't move because Verizon wants me money!!!  SO TIRED OF THEIR BULL!!!

Anyone else have this issue?  It get resolved?

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Playing devil's advocate here .... You made a contract ... you agreed to a term and in exchange Verizon gave you a discounted rate with the knowledge that if you cancelled early -- for any reason -- you would pay the termination fee.  The fact that you decided to move to a location where they don't offer service really isn't material to the nature of the contract.  The fact that Verizon will allow you to transfer a contract to a new location if you move where they offer service is also, I believe, not specifically in the contract but something which is mutually in everyone's interest.  The reality is, you're terminating service, they lose revenue, and there's nothing mutually beneficial about that arrangment.  You could have easily entered into a month-to-month contract at a higher rate and not had this at all, but you were certainly eager enough to accept any discounted rate associated with the contract term when you signed on.

The termination fee is disclosed when you sign the contract usually as $230 decreasing by $10/month over the 2 year life of the contract -- which given the $5 discount you receive monthly means you break even at the 1 year mark vs what you would have paid on a month to month arrangement -- any contract cancelled after 1 year would leave your net out of pocket ahead of a month to month contract).

What I would do is go to your employer.  If the employer required you to move as a function of a job reassignment or you accepted a position at a new company, many reputable employers will cover as part of relocation expenses any reasonable contract termination fees (such as breaking an apartment lease or terminating an internet/phone/tv contract) unless you didn't negotiate moving and relocation fees as part of your new employment arrangement or such benefits are not something typically afforded to the type of position you accepted.

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Did you speak with a sales agent or did you ask specifically for the billing department? They would be the one to answer you question.

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I spoke to the billing department. Talked to the guy's supervisor and was told there was nothing he could do to help me. I have never had an issue with Verizon either with our FIOS or cell phones but this whole experience has made me seriously reconsider switching cell phone carriers when our contract is up. I realize I broke the contract but it was because they do not offer service, so I am being penalized because they are limited in there cable service locations. Talked to several people about it and they all feel that this is terrible and even one person told me to call up the local TV station and complain.