Terrible Customer Service
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Today I experienced the worst customer service ever in my 15 years of being a Verizon customer. I asked the call to be escalated to a manager based in the US as the representative did not have a clue as to the problem nor was the representative willing to listen to the actual issue. If the representative had escalated the call I believe that the situation could have been quickly resolved.

Moreover, the representative stated that I had changed my account on the new 5G Home Internet so that the $25 pricing for 10 years was not valid and that the new price was $50.  So, I had to cancel the new 5G home internet over a billing issue that was not my doing.  Also, I cancelled the autopay as well until this morass can be straightened out.

I will be using Verizon for basic wireless service since blogs indicate that extremely poor customer service is the norm now for all cell phone companies. I even started buying our cell phones directly from Google for the same reason, poor Verizon Customer service.

I was so happy to get the 5G Home Internet up and running that I bragged about it to several neighbors. But today I called all of them back to warn them about the potential bait and switch and about the terrible customer service. I am staying with home internet service from Frontier Fios. I am so upset that I had to disconnect a working network because of such poor communication skills by the representatives and over the amount of time I put in to get the network running and tested. So blown away by the total incompetence from both billing and support.

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