Terrible Experience with New Fios Triple Installation

Iordered Verizon Fios Phone/Cable/Internet service 4 weeks ago, and the billing estimate was completely wrong. I had to call multiple times to get it corrected, and every bill estimate I have seen is still incorrect.

The installation appointment was set for today from 8am-12pm. I called at 8:30 to get an idea of when the technician would show up for the installation, so I could plan to go to work, or stay at the house. The customer service manager said the tech would be at my house from 9:30 to 10:30am. The rep also tried to sell me on a new promotion with a higher speed internet that would actually lower my bill. When she tallied up the new monthly bill, it exceeded my original service offer by $25. I opted to stay with my original contract. The tech never shows up between 9:30 and 10:30, and I call for an update and they tell me he is running late but will be there between 10:30 and 11. That window comes and goes and the tech finally shows up at 12:15pm, outside of the 8-12pm installation window, and with no phone call or advanced notice. The lack of communication is terrible. If they had never told me earlier windows, then I would have just gone to work and arrived at the house when they were supposed to give me the 30 minute approaching window. 

No apology given, no reason given. The tech proceeds to do the install, stating it will take a couple of hours. The internet and phone got set-up with no major issues. The tech was having difficulty setting the TV up, and an hour goes by with him still trying to troubleshoot the TV service. He is now on the phone with Verizon support and they are trying to fix the TV issue. I have to leave the house to goto a work meeting at 2:45pm and the TV service is still not working. I know have to go back to my house and call Verizon support to make sure the TV is working. 

To top this all off, the installation and fios internet activation were supposed to be waived, but the billing estimate is still showing the $59.99 internet activation on my bill. Verizon took the entire 4 hour window, then 4 hours to install 2 of the 3 services. I am considering ending this relationship with Verizion before it really got started, I think I will end up avoiding more head aches dealing with this company. 

Re: Terrible Experience with New Fios Triple Installation
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