Terrible customer service!

I reached out to Verizon customer service about two months ago regarding accidental international charges that I wasn't aware Verizon charges as my previous mobile carrier that I had before Verizon does not charge for.

So, two months ago I reached out to customer service and asked if possibly can have these accidental charges looked at and credit me the charges since that was something I wasn't aware of. 

I did not hear back from Verizon for over a month and half. So I called Verizon again about 10 days ago about the same issue. The agent told me there is nothing in my account stating that there is a current ticket regarding the charges that I called two months ago. Verizon did not properly document the incident. So I had to explain again and go through the same pain again with the agent over the phone to create another ticket. They told me at that time someone from Verizon team will reach out to me in a few days to discuss.

Here I'm today after about 10 days, no one reached out. So I had to call and ask for the status... the agent tried to have me explain the same situation again whereas they should have document all the details in the ticket... after convincing the agent that she can just go through the details as I'm tired of explaining the same issue three times! The agent wanted to add more details and re-submit again for review.... However, I requested to have this issue looked at by a supervisor (named Van) and possibly resolve now on the phone since this is dragging for months. 

So after reviewing with the supervisor, they only agreed on crediting me about 15% only of the extra charges that I wasn't happy about.

Again, since those were fees I wasn't aware I was going to be charged for especially coming from a different carrier user that they don't charge for that, I expected better customer service from Verizon. I am very disappointed of this. Not organized and not the best solutions they offered. It is making me think of switching off of Verizon.