Text Requesting Customer Service w/no LINK & I want to Praise Daniel!
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Today I had an exceptional customer service experience, on the phone with Daniel,  getting my bill due date extended.  I am climbing my way out of financial mayhem, and I have anxiety about bills and all things involving $$$.

So sadly this is not the first time I have spoken to someone in his department, and I sent feedback to the  supervisor of the woman who was also excellent at her job.  I didn't want to just provide numbers on a survey. Unfortunately I forgot to ask Daniel how to do that again, and I even forgot to stay on the line for the short survey!

Verizon sent me a message and I thought my problem was solved, but...

The text:
"Verizon Msg: Thanks for
your call on 10-AUG-2023. We'd love for you to take 2 minutes to tell us about your interaction with Daniel."

How??? HOW do I send this 2 minute survey WITHOUT a LINK??!!??

I would also like to send an email to Daniel's supervisor.

Please advise and thank you!



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Customer Service Rep

We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to let us know about this exceptional experience you had when working with Daniel, jeanrstone. Not everyone takes time to do this, so we know that Daniel really went above and beyond. That is also odd that you received a message for a survey without a link, and is something we will be lifting up. We will make sure to pass along your praises to Daniel and his leaders. Thanks for choosing Verizon and have a wonderful rest of your day!