The payment arrangement options are rather screwed up

I have noticed an ongoing issue with payment arrangements. I am late on last month's bill and I have scheduled a payment arrangement for 4/21. It would only let me do it in the 2 installments and would not let me do either past 4/21. For the one installment of $75 and change, I have no problem with it on 4/21. However, the leftover amount isn't due until 4/24. Why would I schedule 2 installments for the same day? That seems to defeat the purpose of a 2 installment payment arrangement. It makes zero sense whatsoever. And when I tried to change them today, it won't let me change it past today. I have never had this issue until recently.

Not to mention, $75 a month is rather much for the quality of internet I have. My wife and I left Comcast over billing issues. Don't make us leave Verizon and go back to Comcast. I called your all's representatives and she couldn't get it corrected either. These payment issues began when you guys updated your site or something. Update your site if you must but please fix the payment arrangement system.