The worst chat customer service ever!
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I have been trying for weeks to find out about any promotions that might save me money, as well as how to add on a student discount.  I have spent hours on chat with the rep disappearing for long stretches of time.  Other than pleasantries and random numbers I can't even get what Verizon thinks my rate is.  The last straw this morning was the web page for my account showed one number and the rep gave me two totally different numbers - when I asked which was correct, he transferred me to Tech Support for a website problem!!!!  All I want to do is get clarification of my current rate, explore any other promotions I might be eligible for, and add a student discount but after 4+ hours and 3 or 4 chat sessions I'm no further along.  Where can I contact someone who will in a reasonable time tell me:

1.  What rate am I really paying?

2.  What promotions are available that will lower my rate, which are actually cheaper?  One quote I got was higher than the website said my rate was!

3.  Will add the student discount to my account, it's already validated on the Verizonwireless website.


Is there a phone number?  Chat is totally useless.