Too Good to be True

Anybody else run into this?

Back in the winter, two Verizon guys came to our door, trying to get us to switch internet providers. I told them that under other circumstances I would consider it, but we would be moving overseas in 6 months and it wasn't worth the hassle to get into a contract, switch to a new provider and set up billing for six months, and then shut everything down. They assured me that installation would be seamless, there was no contract, and I could cancel at anytime without charge.

They convinced me with the "no contract" promise and the transition went smooth. Service has been good so far.

However, it has come time for me to cancel my account -- amid the many other things that I have to take care of before I move -- and I get an unpleasant surprise from Verizon: I was put under a 2-year contract when I decided to switch over, and I'll be charged a cancellation fee.

Now, here the Verizon legal folks say: "you should have read the fine print," and yes -- I suppose I should have. But that legal response is something that pyramid schemes and scam companies, not a legitimate company, use as a cop out. Verizon's reps flat-faced lied to me.

Verizon really did well until this point. But when I return to the States in a few years and consider who to get internet with... I'm going with a company that I trust.

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on the contract they gave you it should say what the terms of service are and package. What does yours say?