Totally Overcharged for Contract Renewal

Been a FiOS customer for 10+ years (mens nothing). 2 year contract expires in 15 days and the offer, for the same level of service, is $50 more per month. If I were a new customer, I could get more stuff for $25 less than my current bill (and $75 less than the "new offer"). Not sure when FiOS turned into Comcast/Xfinity.

Online bots are unable to help. Retention department loves to read expeditiously through scripts. No help there, either. HELP!

Re: Totally Overcharged for Contract Renewal

You only have a few choices. In our home we previously had TimeWarner cable, when fios came available we waited a few years and then waited to see how neighbors liked it. However we kept our cable hook up. Had Fios install and they were a seperate install in the home. We can bounce back to cable if the situation you are experiencing occurs. Now in your case you can get new cable customer pricing with no contract.

jump to cable and if you wait a month or so you can get new customer pricing from verizon.

you see companies think you won’t jump from one service to another because it is already installed. Fool them and get the other service install. If it is a no go again simply call up and swap over. 

The other way is for you to cancel service and have your wife or children or friend get a new service at your address. This way you get lower pricing and you stay happy.

customers should have accross the board pricing which does not raise over and over.

by the way, all more neighbors cancelled Verizon fios after the two years due to the pricing. But fios keeps offering lower and lower prices everytime they send those we want you back cards and letters. 

Don’t fall for the higher pricing. Go elsewhere.