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March 28th 2023 I went to a Verizon store and talked with the manager and He got me to upgrade my phone and i added a new line to my family's account for my wife so that we could all be on the same plan.

I traded in my phone and upgraded to the iPhone 14 and received credit for it about 3 months later. "that was another ordeal getting the credit"

however my wires phone isn't the same story, I traded in her phone the next day at the same store, handed it directly over to the manager.  about three months pass by and i still hadn't received credit for the iPhone 12 i traded in, thought it was a little odd, called support and they assured me it was just because it was a new line and it was taking a while.

Called back one month later, and Verizon tells me they never received a trade in phone, and that there was nothing i could do unless i provided a "tracking number" for a phone that was traded in directly at the store. "obviously that doesn't  make sense since it was handed over at the store"

i go into the Verizon store for about the 4th time  and the new manager there tells me that the previous manager was fired due to theft, and that my phone was stolen by him. so i thought ok well at least there's an answer as to why i haven't received credit. 

but, the new manger kept telling me that he would give me a call, and that he would get it sorted out,  I just called today "6 moths from the day of the trade in" and found out that the new manager quit and there was a 3rd manager that I'm going to have to deal with. 

Long story short Verizon is not doing their part, One of Verizon's own managers stole my phone and it seems the Verizon isn't doing anything to credit me the money for it. 

our family has been customers for almost 20 years now. you think that would mean something in terms of getting the support i need from Verizon. 

I Still have the Device IMEI that was traded in thankfully. I'm not sure what else to do

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@mjb111700  Thank you for being part of the Verizon family for these 20 years. That is definitely not the experience we want you to have. Verizon strives to provide a stellar experience across all of our service platform. To better assist you, I'll be sending you a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.



I don't see an option to reply through private @vzw_customer_support 

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@mjb111700 ,

To reply to the agents private message, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the message where you should have a box with the word "reply" in it.