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I have two lines on my account and we traded in both Apple iPhones for the new Apple 14 pro back in October.  We are due $800 credit for each phone we traded in.  I have not received any trade in credit and each month I call I am assured the problem has been taken care of and I will receive my credits on the next bill.  In the meantime I keep getting emails from Verizon saying they have not received my trade-in.  I call again and again I am told they have fixed the problem and I will receive the credits.  They have confirmed that both phones have been received and are in trade-in condition so I will receive the credit on the next bill.  I just received a new bill and AGAIN I do not have the credits.  I am at a loss on where to go next.  I have called numerous times and have spent hours on the phone trying to get this straightened out.

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Re: Trade In credit
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@msgayley ,

We're sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble, although it sounds like there's a bit more we'd still need to uncover here. With any trade-in, you'll have a submission ID that goes with each individual trade. This is what lets you track the status and even see when/how it was completed: . Your submission ID would have been provided through several ways, including on the order itself where you initiated the trade, on any reminder emails if your trade has not been received, email confirmation saying your trade was received, and within your My Verizon account when viewing the order - trade info will be listed with it as long as the trade was part of the order and not done separately. When you check your submission ID using the link I just provided, what do you see?