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Well, looking on this forum I realize that I am not the only victim of deception and FRAUD regarding device retail amount , device trade in terms.   I have been with Verizon 22 years but that is going to change. I will be contacting the attorney general, FTC, investigative news journalists, and an attorney-hopefully prompting a countrywide investigation and lawsuit.

 My son and I got Samsung 23 ultra phones in March.  We were not going to get phones but they were offering 800 trade in credit on any phone. We traded in a galaxy 10 s plus and 21s plus in good condition.

I made sure they received the phones and  I received the credit.  that was 8 months ago.  Phone listed retail is about,  $1200 little less.  NOW I look at payoff on my phone and it says $1053!   Really, 1160 retail and 6 months later I owe over 1000 after a trade in?

Kimberly in corporate office sends me some canned message stating that amounts on the bill are correct and insinuating I did not follow terms and condition of keeping phone and eligible plan. Not true.  What it appears they are telling me that if I for any reason, do not keep this phone a full 36 months, You do not get the credit for the trade in.  THEY TOOK my perfectly good working phone and no doubt sold to someone else for hundreds of dollars. This been happening to many customers, search on the forum.  They deny getting your phone or reduce the stated value, you either give up or spend 5-6 hours battling with them.

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Before anything, thanks for your 22 years of loyalty to the company, we truly appreciate your business. The last thing we want is for you to have a negative impression of Verizon. We are sad to see you in this trade-in dilemma. Our goal is to aid you in the best way possible.


For more trade-in details, please visit our official site:


We sent you a Private Note, please review at your earliest convenience.