Transparancy needed into account / billing status

I love FIOS.  But alas, I had to move and I had to do so into a place without FIOS.  Which means I had to cancel out of a two year contract.  With associated cancellation fee.  All understood.

On the phone, I was promised a box sent to my new address so that I could return my equipment.  Sounds good.

I just received a bill.  For the next month. 

Well, perhaps I was billed just prior to my cancellation.  So lets look for a date on the bill.  I didn't see *anything* on the bill that indicates that this account is now closed.  Certainly no charge for the early termination.

So I go online.  Nothing.  For all I know, I have absolutely no change of status in my account.

I try customer service.  They are closed.  And they don't have any live chat available.

So I'm supposed to call during work hours?

Please just fix this.

Hopefully the lack of information on the sight is the only problem I'll have.I'll wait for.  I eagerly wait for the delivery box so that I can get the bill done with!