Tried canceling NBA League Pass

I am so frustrated right now, I can't type!!!! I have chatted with 3 total representatives and spoke with 1. However, I have gotten no where!!!! Why is it so difficult to cancel NBA League pass. 

So basically 2 years ago, I had subsribed to the NBA League pass. However, I did not know that it was automatically renewed each year. To my understanding I did not receive any type of reminder. So, I will take that and I let it be charged 3 installments of 66 dollars.  When I tried to cancel in the middle the representative did not allow me to. Which I dont get why if I was getting charged in monthly increments. However, this year I get a reminder that it will automatically renew and be charged $200 if I dont cancel by OCT 22nd.  Now here is where all the frustration comes in. When I chatted with the first representative she was completely incompetent and instead of unsubscribing the NBA renewal she canceled my custom sports package. At first I did not realize that. However, everytime I log in, in orange highlighted near the top, it states NBA League pass will renew and $200.00 will be charged on OCT 22nd.  So I chatted again with another rep and he tells me he doesnt see anything in my account the renewal??? All of the representative have access to my account. Just log on and see it states that right on top!!!!! So I then call to speak to someone, mind you after the horrendous wait time!!! She also does not see the message nor the renewal??? What??? But then assures me that it should not be a charge. 

I still get the pop up reminder when I log into my account, but I took her word for it. However, my channels were not working for us. The sports channels we normally get. So I go back on chat and after fighting trying to get my point across (I will not get into the details) --but if someone higher up from verizon sees this please review the chat conversation!!!

So apparently , the first representative removed my sports bundle package that jackes up my monthly bill as well as having less options and channels. That current package was NOT supposed to be touched. I had great promotions and discounts which I had for a long time!!!!! Only the NBA League subscription was supposes to be canceled!!!!! So now I'm stuck with less channels with higher price, when I spoke with Jennifer (my last chat rep) she said no problem I can add the package in for you again and quoted my a price 40 dollars more than what it was!!! Is that okay? May I proceed??? Are you kidding me? NO!!! Your rep messed up and incorrectly removed the wrong thing. I asked numerous times to Jennifer, I am not asking for more just that I go back to the same plan with the same costs? She then tells me thats the best the system will allow me to adjust the cost! That is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! You changed something that was not supposed to be touched and now I have to pay the increased amount?? Bc someone from your department messed up?? I asked he to plain out cancel my accouny all together but she says the department was closed. So before I close my account I want the complaints department know what is going on and how your reps are handling situations and issues. I have been a verizon custoner for so many years... but I am so fed up,  tired, and disappointed.

Re: Tried canceling NBA League Pass
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Hi gloriaj,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.