Trouble with Emergency Broadband Benefit implementation.

This is a re post of a comment that I posted on July 2nd to the Verizon Facebook page, that was deleted by Verizon, regarding my attempts to implement the Emergency Broadband Benefit which is a government program that provides a discount on internet service. After my original post someone from Verizon immediately called me and talked me into a 6th attempt to process the discount. As you can see in the post, I was approved for the discount in May and had made 5 attempts to process it with Verizon between May and July with no success. Here we are in August and another new bill with still no discount. My original approval for the discount expires the 18th of this month so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now. Unbelievable!!!                                     Please read my original post below:                                         

 Verizon has the worst customer service and the most arrogant representatives I have ever encountered. I received approval from the Universal Service Administrative Co on May 22nd which entitles me to the Emergency Broadband Benefit. I called Verizon on May 24th and processed an order with the representative to start the benefit. I was told that I would hear back from Verizon in 24 to 48 hours. When I didn't hear back I called Verizon again on the 26th. During that call I processed an order for the benefit a 2nd time and was again told I would hear from them in 24 to 48 hours. This process was repeated another 3 times on May 28th, June 3rd and June 15. On the 15th the agent assured me that I would see the benefit applied on my next bill. I received the bill yesterday and still no discount. I therefore called Verizon again today, (the 6th call) and was treated very unprofessionally by the representative "David"I spoke with. He claimed that there was some kind of error because Verizon "waived some sort of shipping and handling cost" on something they mailed me. When I informed him that I was never mailed anything from Verizon and inquired what he was showing I was shipped, he was unable to answer. He said he would place the order again (6th time) and we would "be hopeful" that it would go through this time but that it would take another 2 billing cycles to show up on my bill. I asked him why I was not told about an "error" by any of the other 5 representatives I spoke with and why the agent from June 15th assured me I would see the discount on my next bill. At this point his voice changed and he became arrogant with me. I asked to speak to his supervisor and a woman claiming to be Ms Richardson came on the line who was unable to give me any answers either and talked over me repeatedly as I tried to ask her why 5 of her previous representatives failed to identify any "error" on my account and even assured me that the discount would be reflected on my next bill. I then asked to speak to her direct report and was told that was not possible. After 5 separate attempts to process the benefit (with emailed receipts of the attempts) I am supposed to just try again and "be hopeful" that it will go through this time? And with no legitimate explanation as to why it failed the 5 previous attempts? As a retired call center executive I find this to be very poor customer service. I am at a loss how to rectify this situation. Just wow!!

Re: Trouble with Emergency Broadband Benefit implementation.
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