Trying to Renew my FIOS plans

I just spent an hour chatting with a Verizon rep while I was trying to renew my plan. The prices kept changing, the plan kept changing from what I had selected, and several of the discounts disappeared. In the end, it signed me up for a plan I didn't want, at a price I didn't want. Now, it's up to me to call and try to cancel that order, to start the whole stupind process over again!

Why can't your website keep everything I selected, at the price it initially advertised, with the same discounts I was offered when going ahead with the whole silly process? I am highly annoyed at how frustrating the whole stupid process is, and I am seriously considering switching to another provider at this point. I expect this kind of incompetence from Brighthouse. 

This has been a truly frustrating experience.

Re: Trying to Renew my FIOS plans
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Welcome to Verizon (*sarcasticly) , sorry to say thats about how things go on any renewal from my 8+yr FIOS customer experiance . 

Doing a deal over the phone just does not work , there is no proof of what the rep told/sold you and it takes an act of god to get it fixed/rectified . Even if you have a local flyer with good discounts , most reps dont about them and or new customers only deals (but you have printed proof of the deal atleast) . Last , is the online deal , but the pricing for renewals is always MUCH higher for current customers ; and those online deals are for NEW customers only now ; when they used to apply to anyone/current or not  . Verizon used to be fairly kind to its repeat customers , but not any longer (for many years)

 Seriously though , each time I have to do a renewal (my contract just ended last month) , I highly DREAD doing so as NOTHING gets renewed correctly ; not to mention the higher price each time . After 8+yrs with FIOS my bills gotten to high to for my liking and wallet (it will be over $200+ and thats with no dvr !!!) . Funny how I started with FIOS tripleplay at under $100 (including equip/tax).

Unless Verizon does better pricing for regular/long time customers (something people have asked for , for years now) , then its time to look elsewhere myself . $200+ bill is my breaking point .

Best of luck to you (and myself) .